Condition of use

The Kalicôtier project is funded by CNES (MSAC/116516/127951/131434/141473) as part of the GIS COOC data portal.

Downloading the data through FTP requires to be registered. The registration link is available on any of the coastal regions panels and give access to all regions.

Registration and use of the data imply the user to accept the following conditions
  1.    All data provided by Kalicôtier are for research and educational use only.
  2.    Any use of the data in the public domain (e.g. publication or public presentation) must include
           the following citation:

                    Products and statistics processed by ACRI-ST and distributed on the GIS COOC data portal
                    in the frame of the Kalicôtier project, funded by CNES, using ESA ENVISAT MERIS FR data.

  3.    Users commit to contact and the corresponding partner of the coastal sites
           for updating any list of publication or report having benefited from the Kalicotier data.
  4.    Kalicôtier does not provide direct access to in situ data. Users who would like to access them must
           use the MERMAID facility and respect its own data policy.