December 2014: five additional algorithms have been implemented in SAABIO and MEGS81 processing chain to generate:
  • Particulate Back-scattering coefficient at 5 wavelengths (bbp ; 412, 443, 490, 510 and 560nm)
  • Gamma, Spectral Slope of bbp
  • None water Absorption at 6 wavelengths (anw ; 412, 443, 490, 510, 560 and 670nm)
  • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter at 412nm (acdom412) - Loisel et al., 2014
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)
June 2014: four additional algorithms have been implemented in SAABIO processing chain to generate:

January 2014: implementation of an image subset extraction tool.

December 2013: Delivery of MEGS81 and SAABIO level2 products projected on a Platte-Carrée grid.

December 2012: Delivery of four additional sites (Bay of Biscay, English Channel, south Vietnam, New Caledonia and Vanuatu) and with an additional processor (SAABIO).

December 2011: First delivery of kalicotier products on a single location (Ligurian Sea) and for a single processor (MEGS81)